Dinosaur Exhibit

"Just Not Enough Room"

We just didn't have enough room for the whole dinosaur!  But, our display of the head to forearm portion really looks cool! The "whole" dino would have been taller than our building.  The pieces have been put together and mounted on a wall in the Dinosaur Exhibit, located near the entrance in the French Building.

 Judy James, of north Cimarron County, created a lush Jurassic scene on the wall to frame the dino bones. Also, mammoth teeth, and a few other bones and petrified sea shells have been added.  Several dino footprints have been donated from property owners in our dinosaur country.  We also have an excellent geologic history of Black Mesa and incredible photos from the dinosaur prints several years ago in the river bed east of the Mesa.

 A Utah firm has provided casts of the skull, neck, and six dorsal vertebra, and arms (which includes hands) of the Saurophaganax specimen that was found in Cimarron County in the 1930's. The complete skeleton of this dinosaur is in  the Sam  Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural  History at the University of Oklahoma.

An excellent rock collection is exhibited with rock collections beginning with Mrs. Opal Cox and added by many others.  Information on the Willowbar Meteorite has recently been added, along with a piece.   Several small and large pieces of  fossilized "dino poop" are on display.

For the Kids-  A great chance to "excavate" bones from our dinosaur digs with tiny picks and toothbrushes!