Cimarron County

Cimarron County, Oklahoma, is located in the northwest section in the Oklahoma Panhandle. It is the only county in the United States that touches four States other than it's own: Texas, New Mexico, Colorado and Kansas. Citizens in Cimarron County are farther from their own State capital, Oklahoma City (340 miles) than to capitals of two other States, Colorado and New Mexico. (Denver 299 miles, Santa Fe 210 miles). There are five major highways through Cimarron County: U.S. 287, 64, 56, 385 and S.H. 3.

Two cities are found in Cimarron County. Boise City, the county seat and Keyes. Several communities exist in the area also; Griggs, Felt and Kenton. Kenton is the only town in Oklahoma on mountain time. Cimarron County has the highest elevation in the state. There is not a stoplight in the county even though it is one of the largest counties in the state, 1832 square miles, 1,175,253 acres)

The average temperature is 55.4 degrees. In July, the temperature averages 75 degrees and in January it averages 36 degrees. The average rainfall per year is 16 inches with the average snowfall being the same. The area boasts 320 flying days a year. Humidity is very low making even the warmest of summer days comfortable. Summer evenings are generally cool. Needless to say, Cimarron County is a very climate-comfortable place to live.

The closet metropolitan area to Cimarron County is Amarillo, Texas, which has a population over 157,000 and is 120 miles south of Boise City. This is also the location of the nearest commercial airport, dairy processing plant and also provides many services. The closest ski resorts are located about three hours from Boise City in New Mexico.