Cox Button Collection

Thanks to the talents of Mrs. Opal Cox, wife of Julius Cox, the Cimarron Heritage Center is able to enjoy and display the Cox Button Collection.  Mrs. Cox spent many years collecting, sorting, and mounting buttons in attractive arrangements on 8-1/2x11 cards.  4,628 buttons have been mounted!   It has been said that Mrs. Cox's collection "raises buttons to a real art form."

Mrs. Cox identified many of the buttons on the back of cards, as to where/who the button came from, some are dated, and other significant historical information, if known, is present.  She was a meticulous collector.

Mrs. Opal Cox's family homesteaded in Cimarron County in 1906. And, in 1925 the family moved to Boise City, where her mother ran the Yates Cursing Home.   Mrs. Yates delivered many of the babies born before there was a hospital in Cimarron County.

Mr. and Mrs. Julius Cox donated their home to the Cimarron County Historical Society and it currently serves as an important part of the Cimarron Heritage Center.  Mrs. Cox also has an extensive collection of bottles and rocks, and she was an avid painter.

Volunteers of the Cimarron Heritage Center have built a special case to display this collection.  A great number of buttons are still waiting to be sorted and mounted.