Boise City-"Still Not a Stoplight"

Boise City, the County Seat, was established shortly after statehood in 1908. The town grew slowly until 1925 when the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway was established. Soon grain elevators were built along with substantial businesses and residences. In 1930, the Santa Fe Railway built it's second rail line through Boise City. In 1927 enough oil was discovered a few miles north of town to create excitement but it wasn't until 1950 that commercial oil and gas production began.

At present, about 1400 people live within the city limits of Boise City, with another 1590 in the trade area. Cattle, ranching and  farming are themajor industries of the area. More than 900 irrigation wells irrigate 126,000 acres of corn, milo, and wheat. There is an adequate supply of electrical power, natural gas and deep well water available for industrial use. Boise City currently has:

Boise City's school system is composed of an elementary-middle school and a four year high school. The facilities are outstanding and are improved and added to frequently. Boise City High School is among one of many schools in the Panhandle to be linked to a fiber optics system used to teach many subjects that would not otherwise be available to the students. About 40 teachers in the school system teach more than 300 students. Football, basketball, track, music and various general subjects are offered.

Boise City is the home of the Santa Fe Trail Daze Festival  held each year during the first weekend in June. The CHC welcomes visitors during these festivities.  The CHC sponsors a tour of the western part of Cimarron County on the Friday of Santa Fe Trail Daze.

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