Autograph Rock

NOTE: Autograph Rock is located on posted private property and is not accessible by the public unless permission is granted either from the landowners or from the Cimarron Heritage Center.  The location is closed from mid-October to April for ranching operations.  Call the museum at 580-544-3479 or by email: for more information.

Autograph Rock contains hundreds of carved signatures of Santa Fe travelers and others dating as early as 1826. Autograph Rock is a 200 yard long rock cliff about 20-25 feet high. There are over 323 names on the rock itself and 500 plus names in the immediate area. Most of the signatures were carved during the peak of the Santa Fe Trail during the middle 1800's. One popular name is F.B. Delgado who was a noted freight merchant from Santa Fe. Some famous names known to Santa Fe Trail fans have fallen to the weathering and are barely recognizable

Two tours are sponsored annually by the Cimarron Heritage Center to Autograph Rock.  One is held on the Friday of the first full weekend June.  This Santa Fe Trail Daze Tour stops at Autograph Rock, and then travels to the Kenton area to see the Dinosaur Tracks, 3-state marker, Kenton and other places of interest.  The 2009 October Santa Fe Trail Tour will be held on Sat., Oct. 3.  The tour will travel most of the Santa Fe Trail through Cimarron County and will make a stop at Autograph Rock as well as other scenic trail sites.  Reservations are needed for both tours.  Contact information is located above.

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F.B. Delgado was one of many freight merchants who traveled along the Santa Fe Trail.

A recent project documented 607 names at Autograph Rock and 666 names at 4 other sites in Cimarron County.

The National Park Service, from 1999-2001, sponsored an "Inscription Documentation Project-Historic Preservation Report" of the Cold Springs Creek Vicinity (Autograph Rock is on Cold Springs Creek, and is called such in early writings of Santa Fe Trail travelers).  This six volume report and its database is available at the museum.  Exhibit Specialist-Antoinette Padgett and Archeology Technician- Kaisa Barthuli.